Lloyd Face Software

      Lloyd Face Software is dynamic company which in present dynamic offer you solutions based on information technology. Our solution help gives you advantage which can help your bussines to stay on top. Today doesn't exists business which is independent from information technology.
Our customer have posibility to use our expert knowlage from on all level from start of the project, through implenetation till customer supprot by using our solutions. Lloyd Face Software offer solution based on .Net technologies primary used for client/server application in cooperation with databases (Oracle, MsSQL, MySQL...) or webdesign solution. We are also to do for you middle ware and small application using .Net or Deplhi.Lloyd Face Software offer to customer possibility to build customized software or outsourcing solution or it's possible to get our experts on personal leasing
We made solutions in :
   .Net (clien/server, webdesign, midle ware, small aplication)
   Delphi (midle ware, small aplication, clien/server)
   Java (webdesign clien/server)
   Php (webdesign)
Most of our solution use databases therefore we have database experts which are experts Oracle, MsSQL, MySQL ...